From Pinterest: Alternative Pumpkin ideas

Halloween #Blogtober 14 (a catch up!). So even though I have my posts all chosen, life does sometimes get in the way – work has been super hectic, the last 3 working days I’ve been knuckling down in a room without any human interaction. But we’re going to catch up today and get back on track!

Today, we’re talking alternative Pumpkins or their uses. I found all of these on Pinterest, it’s a Halloween goldmine.

  1. Mom On The Side shares her best pumpkin carving tipsthe-best-pumpkin-carving-tipsSo this is obviously the most stereotypical use for a pumpkin – carving it! I only carved my first pumpkin two years ago, I went for a scary pumpkin face in case you were wondering. Last year I went for 3 bats, but they looked more like 3 seaguls. Mom on the side has some really handy tips for all you carvers, like what to look for when buying a pumpkin, the best way to actually carve, and how to preserve it when you’ve finished.

2. Unoriginal Mom’s Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin
Not very spooky, I think maybe more suited for Thanksgiving… BUT look how beautiful! And you could always forego the letter in favor of a glittery witches hat, or a glitter bat… glitter Frankenstein if you are artistically gifted, you get the picture. I just love glitter.

3. One Little Project: Yarn Pumpkins using balloons
Look how CUTE! If I was to make these they would be the sort of thing I would use as a centerpiece, dotted around a drinks table, hanging from the ceiling (think bobbing apples), or decorating the way up the stairs at a party. Now, I won’t be doing any of those things because I am way, far, too lazy. But it’s still super cute.

4. I can teach my child: Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups
These may well be a bit difficult to make because the pumpkin sweets are American, but you can always make the dirt! Be inspired – chuck some of those giant delicious strawberry sweets on there! Or some jelly spiders for a creepier crawlier take on it!

5. House Beautiful: Pumpkin Ice Bucket
Practical and keeping in the theme of your Halloween party! Use as an ice bucket for drinks, or just an ice bucket for people to help themselves to cubes. Also could work as somewhere to put wrapped sweets or chocolate. If that doesn’t do it for you, check out the pumpkin candle idea, genius.


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