My going-straight-out-after-work-so-require-little-to-no effort Costume

Halloween #Blogtober 28. This is from Wednesday night (the 26th). We were off to a Halloween themed pub quiz and I literally had about an hour to get ready. For ease and speed I decided Witch. For a challenge and a nod to the years I spend dressed like I’d been transported from the 1940’s I decided Pin Up Witch. Obviously.

I armed myself with:
A hairband with a mini witches hat on in
A hair doughnut cut and stitched in the shape of a faux bang
My favourite hooded capeIllamasqua lipstick in Disciple
Lace up black boots
Any old back dress
and a £1 broom from Tesco
…and just hoped for the best.

The result wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done.




The Pumpkin King of Halloween Beers

Halloween #Blogtober 27 – BEER. I planned on this being a review of the 7 or so Halloween themed beers I could find in Morrison’s. So of course, seeing as I’m a super professional blogger I bought them all. I lined them all up. I drank them one by one and completely forgot to make notes to differentiate between any of them.

Although… One stood out to me. Brewdog’s Pumpkin King. The one on the left. I’m too lazy to actually get up and take another picture you see, so here. Have one I took for instagram.


Pumpkin King is  red/amber and packs a warm glowy 5.4%. It’s got all the pumpkin and the spice, but don’t expect some pumpkin spiced latte tasting bev’, oh no. It’s sweet in the way gingerbread is sweet. Like comforting, and warming, and screams of autumn.  I enjoyed it that much that the next day I went out to buy 4 more bottles, and I buy a bottle every time I see it. Gonna need to stock up before it disappears forever…. (Or until next year).

Make your Halloween a merry one.

Pining and pinning – Pinterest Halloween Party Food

Halloween #Blogtober 26 – Pinterest is king and I am a lowly subject. This is all super cool looking food that I would love to make myself but 1) I will be out of the country for Halloween, and 2) I’m far too lazy. Also I’m not sure I know enough people in real life to even have a party… Won’t you join me, in virtually living vicariously through Chez Pinterest?

  1. Bailey’s Vampire’s Kiss shots
  2. Graveyard Taco Dip
  3. Brain Cake

    4. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts

    5.Witches Brew Cocktail

    6. Cheesy Witch Brooms

    7. Deviled Eyeball Eggs

    8. Poisoned Toffee Apples

    9. Homemade chips

    10.Carrot Pumpkins

    Well that was a blast. Now, you’d best run along home ‘fore the witching hour strikes…
    *spooky ghost emoji*

I want it! – Halloween Party Props and Homeware

Halloween #Blogtober 25 – All I want is to live in a Halloween themed house all year long.
wishlist - halloween party/homeware

// 1. Ghost LED string lights // 2. Bloody Tumblers //  3. Cup of Arsenic // 4.  Swirl of Lump Pumkin // 5. Skull Plant Pot // 6. Bat Apron // 7. Frankie and Bride Tumblers // 8. Lydia Deetz Mug // 9. Witches Brew Jam Jar Glass // 10. Light Up Owl // 11. Help Me Shower Curtain // 12. Feathered Raven Prop // 13. Black Skull Potion Bottle // 14. Skull Candle Set //

BOOK: The scariest “kids” book ever!

Halloween #Blogtober post  24. The scariest book I’ve read so far in my life.


“How is that the scariest book you’ve ever read in your life? That is a children’s book.” Yes, I hear the disdain and disbelief in your voice and I can only assume one thing – You have not read this book.

The first time I read it, yes, I was a child. I tool It out of the library and my nan read it to me. And then read it to me again, and again, and again. And then I extended my library loan on it. And then my nan read it to me again and again and again… You get the picture. Then I forgot about it.

For no reason whatsoever it popped into my head, 16 years later while I was on holidays, lounging next to the pool in a villa in Costa Del Sol. As soon as I got an internet connection I ordered it. It was waiting for me when I returned home. Ominous. Looming. I wrapped up warm and took to the garden steps with my pack of cigarettes (back when I was an avid smoker) as the light was fading. I read from the first word to the last word. I was transported back. I was terrified all over again.

Honestly, if you can get your hands on this book, BUY IT. There are some not so great stories in there, but there are some that have never left me. My favourites are Widershins (also I learned what Widershins was from this book!), Mine, and Siren Song. I don’t know if it’s the content, the style of writing, or the general feeling I get from reading them. They never fail to give me goosebumps though.

Also – I find that being scared overrides anxiety when it decides to flare up. I once had to come home from work because of a massive anxiety attack, and when I got in I made  duvet fort and sat under there with this book and a torch and a cup of tea. After that and a nap I was pretty much reset and back to normal. Makes me ask myself – is there anything this book can’t do?