Czech this out – Paranormal Prague

Halloween #Blogtober post 30. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but by the time this post is live I will have touched down on the shores of sunny Prague! Just because I’ll be out of the country, doesn’t mean I will be falling short when it comes to enjoying the Halloween festivites. It seems that Prague is a country steeped in history, and so the list of paranormal type things to do and see doesn’t fall short.ย  I’ve researched and researched and researched and this is what I’m hoping tomorrow will look like:

  1. McGee’s Ghost tours of Prague

    These sound insanely good, and have insanely good reviews. There are two that particularly tickle my fancyย  – Underground Walk by Lamplight which takes you though an old Prison, and the Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour.
  2. Prague Ghosts and Legends Museum
    This pleas eis split into two sections. The first has a huge tome which will take you through the Spirit of Prague. The second takes you directly into the city of ghosts – the streets of old Prague.
  3. The Bone Church
    Legend has it that a monk went mad and started building things out of human bones – this place is rumoured to have 40,000 people’s bones knocking about. Creepy.

Short and sweet because I’m off on my holidays and I’m too excited to concentrate properly. Farewell!



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