The Pumpkin King of Halloween Beers

Halloween #Blogtober 27 – BEER. I planned on this being a review of the 7 or so Halloween themed beers I could find in Morrison’s. So of course, seeing as I’m a super professional blogger I bought them all. I lined them all up. I drank them one by one and completely forgot to make notes to differentiate between any of them.

Although… One stood out to me. Brewdog’s Pumpkin King. The one on the left. I’m too lazy to actually get up and take another picture you see, so here. Have one I took for instagram.


Pumpkin King is  red/amber and packs a warm glowy 5.4%. It’s got all the pumpkin and the spice, but don’t expect some pumpkin spiced latte tasting bev’, oh no. It’s sweet in the way gingerbread is sweet. Like comforting, and warming, and screams of autumn.  I enjoyed it that much that the next day I went out to buy 4 more bottles, and I buy a bottle every time I see it. Gonna need to stock up before it disappears forever…. (Or until next year).

Make your Halloween a merry one.


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