My favourite frightening Youtube channels

Halloween #Blogtober 22. This post is going to be short and sweet because all of these kind of do the same thing.  You may have noticed that I like podcasts, and well, these are the videos I *wish* were podcasts. Kind of like the No Sleep Podcast, these channels read stories in sets. I think the stories mostly come from Reddit and 4chan. There is some imagery which compliments the stories but is not needed, so I like to put them on and let them trundle away while I clean or do whatever chores I need to do. Life would be so much better if I could play them as podcasts and lock my phone screen  or reply to texts without pausing them. You listening, Youtube gods?

  1. Gloomy House
  2. Lazy Masquerade
  3. Be. Busta
  4. Unit #552
  5. Darkness Prevails
  6. Insomniak
  7. Joey’s Nightmares
  8. Mr. Nightmare
  9. Southern Cannibal
  10. Corpse Husband

Be careful – they can be addictive!


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