Gory Board Games

Halloween #Blogtober day 12 – board games, with a dark tone. I love board games. My partner is really into them and has a collection of over 100. I think the only stereptypical well known ones are Cluedo and Scrabble. It’s a little bit nerdy and a lot bit fun!

  1. Gloom
    Picture from funagain.com

    According to the website “The world of Gloom is a sad and benighted place.”Β  Gloom is card game, rather than a board game. The cards are clear, and bear certain events in life, both happy and sad. The main aim is to pile all the sad events onto your Gloom family and the happy events onto your opponents Gloom family. Each card has a self worth value, which is totaled at the end of that characters life. The aim is to have the lowest value. It’s miserable, depressing, hurtling towards death, and brilliant fun.

  2. The Fury of Dracula
    This is more of an actual boardgame. Set in Victoria-era Europe and based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula. Plays up to 5, one is Dracula, and gets to move secretly across the Europe dropping hints for the other 4 players who form a team of vampire hunters. Dracula may attack any time night has fallen, and the aim is to capture Dracula before he plunges Europe into darkness.
  3. Letters to Whitechapel

    This is one similar to The Fury of Dracula (above), but is based on an actual historcial event – one of the most notorious serial killers to ever target London… One who has never been caught…. One player takes the role of Jack the Ripper, secretly traveling across Victorian London by cover of night, leaving hints and victims in the wake of Victorian policemen – roles which are taken on by the other players.
  4. Dead of Winter

    This is more of a classic everyone-against-each-other type game, except you’re also working together. Each player is in charge of a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world, where everyone else is dead, or basically a zombie.With all that going on you’re also working toward group objectives, and secret personal objectives, and have to chose to go from scary place to scary place in order to accrue necessities to survive. A game where you can literally trust no-one.
  5. The Bloody Inn
    In this game, you and your family form some low income innkeepers from early 19th century France. The idea is that you and your family decide to take advantage of the wealthy travelers who are utilising your inns… Murder, robbery and family feuds ensue, and its every person for themselves to see who will come out on top.

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