Ghost Walk Reviews – Margam Park & St. Fagans

Halloween #Blogtober day 7 – more ghost walks!

As I said in my review of the Essential Cardiff Castle Ghost Walk and my 13 Ghost Walks Wishlist, I love ghost walks! I have only been on 3, and they’ve all been run by the same company; Cardiff History and Hauntings. All three have been different, and I think that’s what I enjoy most – that I honestly never really know what to expect!

The first walk I went on was the Classic Margam Park Ghost Walk. There are usually 3 times to choose from, so we went for a happy medium and went for the one at 8.30pm. The walk lasts for 2 hours. We began in the grounds, in the ruins of a Abbey. There is something special about standing in a building that’s centuries old, on ground that has been settled on for too long for my mind to comprehend. The walk takes you to various points of interest in the grounds, telling you stories from the history of the castle (and reported unexplained activity) as you go. Then you enter the manor house and hear the history and unexplained activity reported in each room there. The tour culminates with the group sitting in at the top of the grand stairway, in the dark for 15 minutes and listening or watching for anything unusual. I won’t tell you what we noticed throughout the tour – If you decide to go I wouldn’t want to influence your experience in any way but… I was not disappointed!


The last walk I went on was the St. Fagans Museum walk. Again, it was 2 hours and under the cover of darkness. We were hoping to actually go inside the Castle but soon discovered that was a separate tour. During this one, we walked the grounds of St. Fagans, dipping into certain houses and hearing their history of what happened there before they moved tot he site. There was one particular one that made me feel very uneasy. The smell of the recently extinguished fires in each of the buildings really added to the atmosphere and the gentleman leading the group captured everyone’s attention with each story told. Another evening which didn’t disappoint!

I want to have a look at ghost walks elsewhere in the UK for when I’m out and about… If anyone have any recommendations, or knows of any that are supposed to be good hit a girl up!


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