Warning! Time Warp Websites

Halloween #blogtober Day 5. Sometimes you stumble upon a Website, and 4 days later you emerge from your dark room, finally succumbing to the hunger and the desire to wash. Sometimes you stumble upon a website which grabs you and holds you and you swear you don’t need to sleep yet, not just yet… Not knowing if it’s because you’re so engrossed in the unnerving stories you’ve found or if it’s because you’re just too damn scared to turn out the lights.

Warning – do not access these websites if you hope to lead a life outside of the internet.

  1. Marble Hornets on Youtube
    So although not a website you’ll be reading, it’s up there with one of the most terrifying. Here you’ll find one of the earliest internet sightings of Slenderman. Once you start you’ll be hooked. I still cant walk in the woods without stopping every once in a while and frantically checking my surroundings for Slenderman. Turn out the lights for this one.

2. Creepypasta.com
screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-20-10-30Described as the online forum for modern day Urban Legends. A creepypasta refers to a short piece of horror fiction, and creepypasta.com is your main source. Here stories range from vague, uneasy, anecdotes to longer, more realised short stories. You can comment on submissions, and even post your own!

3. /r/NoSleep
This page is one of a kind – or at least I haven’t discovered anything else like it! Not that I would need to because this is perfect. It’s basically a forum on the Reddit website, where readers submit “real” scary stories and others “really” react and respond. It’s like a fear themed role playing game! I’ve submitted my own post, and I love love love commenting on others! There is some real skill here. Of course you can just read the posts and not comment…. yknow… if you’re a scaredy cat.

4. /r/Paranormal

This is a place where you can share, read, and comment on other peoples experience – via written accounts, pictures and videos. On the whole I love it, but sometimes you can fall down a rabbit hole, with some posts touching on different realms and dimensions. Also on Reddit is the Ghost board which is worth a gander.

5. Paranormal BuzzFeed
This is probably the worst type of website for eating your time. The link will take you to all thinks paranormal on Buzzfeed – bitesize chunks so it’s so easy to convince yourself “just one more story/article/page. Once you’re done with the paranormal section, just type “ghosts” or whatever tickles your fancy into the search bar and start losing days all over again.

 I accept no liability for time lost to these websites.
Happy Browsing!


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