Wishlist – 13 South Wales Ghost Walks

Halloween #blogtober Day 4 -I love a ghost walk. I’ve been on 3, one reviewed here, reviews of the other two coming up shortly. I love to be scared! I always have, but I realised in recent years it really alleviates my anxiety to be completely overcome by paranormal induced fear (I had to clarify that. I don’t want anyone kicking my door in in the middle of the night to give me a fright thinking they’re doing me a favour). Anyway, I got to researching which I want to do next, and 1 turned into 13….

  1. Llancaiach Fawr Manor
    This tour is one that has been recommended to me through word of mouth time and time again, more than any other. The Manor house, nestled away in Treharris (near Merthyr Tydfil) was built in 1550, and is a staple location for school trips. The website explicitly boasts “Is the place haunted? …YES! It is!” and used to have the option to watch spooky goings on via a “ghost cam” set up in the building. Do you need more of a reason to creep in after nightfall? Tours start from £16.
  2. Craig Y Nos Castle
    Another location generally harped on about when I mention how much I enjoy Ghost Walks. I’ve wandered around the gardens during the day and celebrated a wedding here in the evening, and both times the grandiosity of the Grade I listed building has taken my breath away. Previously a TB hospital, and the estate of the world renown opera singer Adelina Patti, the site is dripping with history. “The Most Haunted Castle in Wales” is located in Powys, between Swansea and the Brecon Beacons and ghost tours and investigations start from £99, with some including bed, breakfast and an evening meal.
  3. Cardiff Castle Premium Ghost Tour
    I’ve attended the Essential Ghost Tour of Cardiff Castle which is a bit shorter than this one, and I loved it. Probably the best one I’ve been on so far – you can read my review here. Parts of the castle date back to the fifteenth century, and has a very rich and varied history including prisoners, executions,  and supernatural experimentation. You’re encouraged to report anything you feel that’s out of the ordinary – such reports have been documented by previous inhabitants of the Castle for decades, if not centuries. Prices start at £11.50.
  4. Ghost Walk of Tenby
    “Light-hearted storytelling, and haunting tales on a leisurely walk with magnificent views” according to the website. Need I add more? In case you do need convincing The Sunday Times named this as one of the top 5 Ghost Walks in Britain. Prices start at £5.
  5. The Llandaff Ghost Walk
    This is the next one I plan to attend. The same company hosts the Cardiff Castle (3), Classic Margam (8), and St. Fagans (13),  Ghost Walks which have all been phenomenal. Unlike the others, this walk is entirely out in the open in “a city within a city” in Llandaff, Cardiff, and is among one of the top 5 Ghost Walks in the UK according to Trip Advisor. The walk promises “mysterious, sad, and terrifying tales, ancient and modern.”  Prices start at £8.
  6. Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour
    Widely regarded as one of the most informative tours in Britain according to VisitWales.com, this walk promises tales of hauntings, reincarnations, dragons, and burials, along with some of the most haunted buildings in Cardiff. Prices start at £10 each, group bookings only, with a minimum of £50 to pay.
    I’m looking to get a group together, so let me know if you’re interested in coming along with me!
  7. The Skirrid Inn
    The Skirrid Inn, Monmouthshire has a scary past – supposedly it’s the oldest pub in Wales. The first floor was used to dole out capital punishment to criminals, and a beam used for hanging can still be seen in the Inn today. Owain Glyndwr and pals also have a history within the walls of the Inn, rallying supporters for the Welsh Revolt. Note – this is less a ghost tour and more a ghost hunt, including experiments and equipment. Prices start at £39
  8. The Classic Margam Ghost Walk
    This is another I’ve attended and cannot recommend enough. The walk takes place in the grounds and the rooms of the incredibly creepy Margam Castle and Park, Port Talbot. A combination of history (the site has been settled upon since at least the Roman Times, and has always been a very religious place, with its Monastery falling victim to Henry VIII) and tales of paranormal experiences reported, it’s fascinating. Any walk by Cardiff History and Hauntings is an experience you’ll never forget, even down to the tour guides passion for the history at hand. Prices start at £15
  9. Creepy Camarthen Tours
    According to the website, Creepy Camarthen Tours will take you to the sites of grisly executions, you’ll find out secrets of bygone days, and meet murderers and their victims! Another award winner here – Visitor Experience of the Year by Trip Advisor. Unusual Experiments are also promised. Intriguing! Prices start at £7.50
  10. Haunted Evenings Castell Coch Ghost Hunt
    The iconic red castle is nestled in the hills of Tongwynlais, Cardiff. According to the website, the site has been active since the Normans lay claim to it in the ninth century. The Castle was built throughout the thirteenth century, fell into disrepair, then revamped in the 1800’s the  by the 3rd Marquess of Bute (who lived in the paranormal hotspot Cardiff Castle, but wanted this as kind of a holiday home. In the same city. Yeah, I don’t get it either). Castell Coch boasts the standard issue Grey Lady, and an actual real life dungeon! Please note – this is a ghost hunt rather than a walk or tour. Prices start at £55.
  11. Haunted Evenings Carew Castle Ghost Hunt
    The site of this Tenby castle dates back over 2000 years, according to the Haunted Evenings website. With evidence of the location originally being used as an Iron Age Fort, and having ties to the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 there is violent history aplenty in these stone walls. With the last hunt having thrown out some “pretty mind blowing evidence” it sounds like one not to miss! Please note – this is a ghost hunt rather than a walk or tour. Prices start at £49.
  12. Llanthony Secunda Manor
    Another spooky Location in Monmouthshire! The Manor is 800 years old, and was  reported to be owned by Henry VIII, following the dissolution of the monasteries. The activity reported in this building is very varied, and as I can’t wait to go and experience it myself! Please note – this is a hunt rather than a walk or tour, and this particular event is a hallowe’en special . Prices start at £49.
  13. St Fagans Castle Ghost Tour
    I have attended the St Fagans Museum Ghost Tour, and it was fascinating. Part history, part education on the history of spirits and the supernatural in Wales and a Head’s up on what people have reported in certain buildings in the St. Fagans Museum, Cardiff. St. Fagans Castle is a Grade 1 Listed Elizabethan Mansion, donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth. Prices start at £11.50.

There we have it! 13 Ghost Walks and Hunts, perfect for the lead up to Halloween! Just a heads up – some of these may already by sold out, or have passed, but you should be able to get next available dates or similar tours by exploring the websites or emailing the companies. Feel free to message me on twitter (@hitnmiff) if you need a +1!

Happy hunting! *Spooky ghost emoji*


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