Terrifying True Stories – Paranormal Podcasts

Day 3 – Today I am continuing my Halloween #Blogtober mission with Podcasts! I love podcasts. I’ve never really been that into music but podcasts I can get on board with. I like to listen to them on the bus to work, while I’m cleaning the house, while I’m in the bath, in bed, walking the dog through the spooky isolated woods… The list goes on. I

There are a few types that appeal to me – self help/meditation, serial dramas and mysteries, fictional paranormal stories, and real accounts of paranormal stories. As you can guess from the title, this post is going to refer to the real accounts. If you are not the type of person who wants to trawl through pages and pages on the podcast store – fear not! I have done the hard work for you! And I have been listening to them nonstop since June… Life can be so hard.

Let the countdown begin!

  1. Real Ghost Stories Online

    I have been listening to this for about a year now. I started from the beginning and I’m still not up to speed – hurrah for daily episodes! This features stories from listeners – either phoned in or read by the hosts (earlier series have are narrated by Tony Brueski, and is joined later by his wife Jenny). They share their own experiences, and thoughts and opinions.
    You can listen on the Website, Youtube, iTunes, Stitcher and follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.
  2. Scared – Real People | Real Stories
    One I’ve gotten into more recently. Fewer episodes to catch up on with a more modest fortnightly upload. Presented by Award Winning English Broadcaster Phil Holmes, this is another podcast where real people tell real scary stories. Shorter episodes with this one – I like to pop one on while unwinding in bed in the dark before nodding off.
    You can listen on the Website, Youtube, iTunes, Stitcher, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  3. Anything Ghost Show
    Yet another phenomenal one. Stories are read by host Lex – with effects and original music really setting the scene! I started listening from the 10th Anniversary Episode and I really am distraught it’s taken me this long to find them. So many missed opportunities for a shivery spine!
    You can listen on the Website, Youtube, iTunes, Stitcher, and follow them on Twitter, and Facebook.

And the next ones I’ll be listening to next…

  1. Noisy Spirit – True Ghost Stories, Paranormal & Supernatural Hauntings –Β  Podcast.
    One I haven’t listened to yet. It sounds slightly different to the ones listed above – it does have re-tellings of spooky stories, but also has reviews of the latest movies, TV shows, literature and podcasts that fall under the paranormal umbrella.
    You can listen on the Website, Youtube, iTunes, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. The Haunted Estate Podcast
    This podcast has proved to be the most difficult to track down a description of – so far I have gathered that it touches on current spooky events, ghost stories, and the most haunted places in towns, cities or states in America! The fact that the podcast is shrouded in mystery a kind of makes me want to listen to it even more.
    You can listen on Youtube, iTunes, and Stitcher and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Coming up shortly will be my pick of frightening fictional paranormal podcasts. Until then, if you’re new to podcasts just turn out the light… and listen.


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