Ghost Walk – Cardiff Castle Essential with Cardiff History & Hauntings

Ghosts. Ghosts are paranormal Marmite… Paranormite.  Some people love ’em, love the idea of the of ’em, grasping onto the hope that they will one day encounter something unexplainable… While some think it’s the living who are the scary ones.


I suppose it depends on what experiences you have. I covered one of my experiences here in a previous post. This is the second Ghost Walk I’ve been on – review of the first one coming up shortly. I’ve got my ghost walkin’ partner in crime (we’ve ever so maturely dubbed ourselves “ghostbitches”) to thank for discovering this one.

Vrrt. Text message.

Cardiff History & Hauntings advertising Ghost Walks for this weekend! After some initial messiness of trying to add one to my basket and being told it was sold out, fellow Ghost Bitch (to be referred to as FGB from this point forward) sniffed out another one, ordered, and we were away!

I’ve not been to Cardiff Castle previously,(aside from a viewing of The Silence of the Lambs in the basement late last year, with Chris Andrews ( and our respective better halves. It’s worth checking out his website, he’s a top photog.) and I’ve also never been to Cardiff on a Saturday night which on the whole was a terrifying experience I never wish to repeat. Anyway, we met outside the main entrance to the castle, walls and waited for someone to come and grant us access. We got given flashlights and given the basic safety drill and off we went.

Now, there will be no spoilers here so this will be pretty vague, as reviews go. We started in the grounds and we’re given an overview of the history of various buildings in the grounds, the age, a little about the architects, and the families that have lived there. Moving on, we entered the building. The only light was produced by our flashlight beams.

Sidenote: John, our guide was a fantastic story teller, right from the start. He had the group hanging on his every word, waiting with baited breath for what came next.

Inside, we had a tour of some of the rooms, with the history of each room explained along with any phenomena reported. The atmosphere was incredible! A few people actually left shortly after the tour started – because they were scared? I like to think so. There was one room, I didn’t particularly like being in; I felt like someone was holding onto the back of my chair, and felt like I was cold – as if my clothes were damp. FGB reported feeling really nauseous in another room. This was coupled with unexplained noises, a door opening, lights being on which were previously off… Let’s just say I think I got my money’s worth!


The Cardiff Castle Essential Ghost Tour lasts 80 and costs £11.50. You can book on their website.


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