Bleach London *ruined* my hair. Worst product award.

I took a little (long) break from blogging, and during that time lots of things happened.  Some good – I went to Greece for a week, I passed my theory test… Some bad, like my experience with the brand Bleach.

I had been blonde for about 2 months when I decided to put some blue in my hair. I have always loved blue hair and I thought that seeing as I was finally blonde for the first time in my life it wouldn’t harm to pop in a temporary colour. A temporary colour which would “wash out in 10 washes”.


I’ll save you the boring how I dyed my hair talk. I had to buy my own gloves because they don’t even come supplied with the product. I’ll move on to what went wrong.

  • It went patchy. I put it on, massaged it in, made sure it was evenly coated. when I washed it off, the top of my hair -only at the front – was bright blue, the mid-legnths were still blonde, and the ends were the silvery blue I wanted. The silvery blue that had been advertised on the bottle.

In a massive panic I decided to put the Bruised Violet over the top. I figured, the picture on the bottle is darker so it should dye over the top of all of this mess. Which leads me on to my next point….

  • The purple went patchy. It didn’t take over the blue at the top or bottom of my hair, and only took on some of the blonde on the lengths. Hideous.

The annoying thing is, it doesn’t look TOO terrible in the pictures…. But trust me. It was so bad I was to take the next day off work to go and fix it (which of course I did myself. I was far to mortified to go to a hairdresser and confess my sins).

Again, in a massive panic, I thought, “okay, it’s fine. They wash out in 10 washes. I’ll just wash it until it fades.”

  •  It didn’t wash out. I washed it with Head & Shoulders (which I had bought in preparation as I heard it fades colour fast), Dr. Bronner’s magic soap, usually reserved for brushes, clarifying shampoo, bizarre concoctions using Dish soap crushed vitamin c, then crushed asprin, and bicarbonate of soda and god knows what else.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 16.25.07

I know that Bleach do a Washing Out Liquid, but quite frankly I didn’t want to give any more of my money to a brand who would almost certainly provide me with a substandard product.

So I had to go to town looking like this. After washing my hair a good 20 times with various different methods. I ended up buying some brown dye and just dying over it, it’s faded now to close to my natural colour, just without some of the red tones. My hair is like straw; dry and damaged and remains the in the same condition months later despite bi-weekly oil treatments and using a deep conditioner every time it’s washed.  I am genuinely gutted.


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