Have you met Buster?

Advance apologies about terrible phone pictures!

Buster is a 3 year old Staff X Jack Russell. We adopted him a year ago when someone at work had to give him up. He was advertised as just a Jack Russell so when we went to pick him up we had quite a shock.

IMG_5445 IMG_3017IMG_2098

He is the naughtiest dog in the world. He’s eaten a set of make up sponges and loves to rip up tissues. He’s jumped on the table during a game of Scrabble and knocked the entire thing on the floor. He’s helped himself to poppadoms out of the bag of Indian Takeaway when my back was turned.

IMG_1676 IMG_5466IMG_5463

He loves to be dressed up. When his outfits are taken off he will try and put them back on himself. When I’m doing my make up he likes to sit while I pretend to dab his face with my make up brushes so he can have his make up done too. He loves food that crunches and will jump 4ft in the air for a Jacob’s cream cracker.


I love him, and I wouldn’t change him for the world.



One thought on “Have you met Buster?

  1. Look at that cutie! Well done for adopting him! I wish I could adopt but I already have a 6 stone Boxer and it wouldn’t be fair on her! I love the outfits, and I’m glad I am not the only one out there who REALLY Loves dogs! Renee xxx



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