Rimmel Apocalips: Matte Vs Lacquer

**Warning, this post contains pictures of badly applied lip gloss**

Well… This is a blast from the past isn’t it? Remember when everyone was obsessed with Rimmel Apocolips when the shiny shiny lacquers first came out?


I did a post about the Lacquer in the shade Big Bang on my old blog. To summarise; colour and pigment is lovely, transfer is awful, and they smell like someone bottled Nanna. Seriously, I still cant get over that scent. BLEURGH.

Here is a picture of how it looks on my face:


Why do I still have it? I don’t know. It appears I’ve developed some kind of unconventional emotional attachment.

When the matte or “lip velvet” versions were released, I couldn’t help myself. And to be honest, I really enjoy them a great deal more.


The transfer is a lot less, and you can blot them so they last longer. Though I don’t think they’re matte in the slightest, just a bit less shiny than the originals. Pigment is again great, though I find the coverage more even with two coats, and the smell is altogether less offensive. A bit plasticy maybe, but not a hint of Nanna!


Neither of them last all day, and need a top up or two to get me through a day in work… But I can’t really complain about that because they do only cost £5.99 RRP.

[PSST – The Lacquers are currently in stock at Fragrance Direct for only £1.99!]


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