Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers: The glosses that changed my mind.


I hated lipgloss. I remember when I was in school and all the girls used to wear clear lip gloss because they could get away with it. I used to wear clear lip gloss too, a Rimmel one in a chunky tube. I remember sitting in Religious Studies class one day and deciding how I simply must reapply my lip gloss. When I was done I heard the row of boys sitting behind me discussing how they were utterly perplexed why anyone would want their lips to feel and look slimy, and in that moment I realised I absolutely agreed with them. [Then they went on to make fun of my “sideburns” – which were actually just bits of hair I’d missed out of my ponytail – so I realised they were in fact colossal dicks but that’s a whole different story.] And I hated anything that wasn’t a solid matte every since.


That was until I got a Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in one of the Boot’s Christmas sets this year. I didn’t really think too much of it, until I went out for my birthday about 2 weeks after Christmas and threw it on as I was heading out the door, late, as per…. And I loved it. It was pigmented, smelled almost like vanilla, and was not slimy in the least. It was actually comfortable!

The one that started it all – Charm Offensive.

The staying power is not amazing; it was soon all the way around the rim of my glass, but it’s fine if you’re not planning on solely eating or drinking. In work I can get to lunch without requiring a top up, and from that post munch top up to the end of the day without a worry. I’ve even bought more shades. Now I own:


Muse Bouche


And I desperately want to get my hands on Riot too.

I have to be truthful and say that I haven’t noticed any of the lip plumping that supposedly comes with these, even with the support of “COLOURBURST™ CRYSTALS”, “3-D PLUMP™”, “COLLAGEN MESH™”, and an array of various other made up ingredients. The reviews on both the Soap & Glory website and Boot’s are pretty 50/50 so it seems like this isn’t a product meant for everyone, but it’s everything I want from a Lip Lacquer.


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