Entirely-good-for-you Oatmeal Breakfast Cakes

In the name of honesty, I’m going to tell you that I didn’t birth this recipe from my own mind. I was researching breakfasts to make in advance on Pinterest and took inspiration from a couple of different sources.

For the best ones – nut and honey – you will need:
2 cups (about 260g) Porridge Oats
1 cup (about 130ml) Almond Milk (or equivalent)
2 large eggs
2 ripe/overripe banana’s
1 tbsp/A good squidge of honey.
a handful of almonds/walnuts, mainly chopped.
12 cupcake cases
12 hole muffin/cake tin

IMG_1591Step one
Preheat your oven. I used gas mark 4 for mine

Step two
Combine the oats, almond milk, honey, and eggs. Mush up the bananas in another bowl and add those too. You can use under ripe ones instead but you tend to get chunks of banana in there if you do!

Step three
Separate into two separate bowls.  Add the almond to the mix in one bowl, and the walnuts to the mix in the other (saving a whole nut for decoration). Optional additional squidge of honey if the mood takes you.

Step four
Spoon into cake cases, decorate with a whole nut on top so that you are able to tell the difference.
Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Step five
When the breakfast cakes come out of the oven, cool on a cooling wrack. Any that you’re not planning on eating over the next 3 days put in the freezer, and take out to defrost overnight before eating. If you leave them in a Tupperware container thinking they will be fine you are WRONG and they will go furry. I learned that the hard way.

IMG_1592Top tip: don’t add any squidgy ingredients (like fresh strawberry, dried would probably taste awesome actually…). After baking they went a bit spongey and ruined the entire thing and I had to throw all of the strawberry ones away. You live, you learn.
Also, these are picture of them before baking. I forgot to take lovely arty pictures of them on display after they were all done. Again, you live, you learn.



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